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Just ONE Exercise,
ONE Minute a Day!
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Just ONE Exercise,
ONE Minute a Day!
The One Minute Workout is a revolutionary no-nonsense system developed by doctors for getting and staying in shape, all in just 60 seconds day! Skip the gym and the sweat - do it at home, outside, or even at work. It’ll change the way YOU think about working out!
Gain Massive Strength
Boost Athletic Performance
Build Lean Muscle
Increase Muscle Tone
Improve Your Health
Reduce Back & Joint Pain
What OMW Is ...
  • A SYSTEM of highly effective bodyweight exercises
  • Designed to maximize core and functional strength
  • Organized in progressions so you can tune the difficulty to what you want
  • Designed and tested by physicians
  • A proven workout that delivers sustainable results
What OMW Is NOT ...
  • A gimmicky quick "weight loss" program
  • A quick fix exercise program with only short term gains
  • A bootcamp program
  • The ultimate workout that will single-handedly turn you into Arnold S. - that doesn't exist
  • For lazy people looking for a "magic" solution - that doesn't exist either
This is what I'm looking for!
How It Works

The One Minute Workout cuts all the wasted time and effort out of your workout and focuses only on the parts that actually give you results. Here's how you do it:

Each day, you do just ONE exercise, for a total of ONE minute. That's it! You can even split up the minute throughout the day.

When you can do an exercise for a minute straight, you advance to a more difficult exercise in the progression so you can keep getting stronger without working out longer. Do a different exercise each day and you'll target all of the major muscle groups.

Sound too good to be true? Just try the following intermediate exercise for one minute and see for yourself.

  • With a hand on each side, push down on the chair and try to raise your bottom off the chair seat.
  • If you can only do it with your feet touching the ground, that’s ok. Just put as little weight on your feet as you can.
  • You know you’re doing it right when you feel the muscles in your arms, chest, upper back, abs and hip flexors strongly engaged.
  • If your muscles feel like they're burning or shaking, that's a sign that they're working hard!
  • Didn't make it to 60 seconds? That's okay! Just do this exercise again throughout the day until you reach a total of 60 seconds and you're done!
Need a Timer?
Need a Timer?
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Why It Works
MITI Principle
Unlike traditional exercises, OMW uses the Maximum Intensity Training Interval (MITI pronounced "mighty") concept to push your muscles to their limits during the entire exercise so you get the most results for your time.
Massive Muscle
No need for multiple exercises - just do ONE and be done! OMW exercises target large numbers of muscles simultaneously, sometimes nearly your whole body!
No gyms and no sweating needed! OMW exercises fit easily into anyone's schedule and can be done virtually anytime, anywhere.
Tired of falling off the exercise bandwagon again? It's easy to get started and stick with the One Minute Workout.
How the MITI Principle Saves You Time
With traditional dynamic exercises, your muscles experience varying intensities as you move through each repetition. Contrast this with One Minute Workout exercises that use the MITI principle. These static exercises put your muscles under the highest intensity load they can handle for nearly the entire duration of the exercise. To match the intensity exposure of a MITI exercise, you'll have to spend extra time doing more repetitions of traditional exercises.
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Real Results from Real People
I love how I can do the One Minute Workout throughout the day at work. It has saved me so much time!
—Mike F.
In just a couple weeks of doing the One Minute Workout, I increased the speed of my golf swing by 20%. My coach was speechless!
—Rod S.
Doing the One Minute Workout is the only thing that has freed me from over 30 years of chronic back pain!
—Lynda W.
I have been working with the One Minute Exercise program for four months every day. I'm 63 years old and my body feels better than it has for a few years. A daily program that does not take long to do keeps me on a workout regimen.
—John W.
I have seen noticeable improvement in my core strength and most importantly, elimination of my back pain. Doing these variety of 1 minute exercises daily (which are not easy) will lead to tremendous gains in strength and flexibility.
—Todd Occomy, M.D.
Your results may vary depending on several factors including, but not limited to, exercise effort, consistency, nutrition, and your body. Remember, you get what you put in!
Join OMW Today and Start Living Better
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We believe everybody should have the opportunity to maintain basic health and fitness. So we made a Free package that includes 8 OMW exercises essential to staying healthy, and the online exercise tracker to help you stay consistent.

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About the Author
Raymond Wu, M.D., creator and author of The One Minute Workout, is a licensed physician who is an expert on exercise and fitness. His personal success with this program made him want to share it with the world.