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What's better than learning from The One Minute Workout book? Attending a workshop led by author Dr. Raymond Wu himself! Learn about common health, fitness, and diet misconceptions then find out how you can improve the health and productivity of your community or organization.

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Corporate Wellness
Your staff's health and wellness are vital to your business. This workplace-oriented workshop will teach your team how effective ways to stay fit and healthy at work. Improve productivity and reduce your losses from sick leave. Topics include:
  • Fitness in the Office
  • Smart Eating & Snacking at Work
  • Avoiding Pain & Injury from Sedentary Work Habits
  • Staying Younger through Efficient Stretching
Community Health & Wellness
Getting in shape and eating well doesn't have to be difficult. This workshop, designed for all ages, will teach what fitness is truly about and bust common diet myths. For those suffering from back or joint pain, learn why these pains persist and how to reduce or even eliminate them. It's a great way to make your community healthier and stronger!
Senior Safety & Wellness
Pain and loss of independence is NOT an inevitable normal part of aging. Staying strong and fit in your later years will help maintain your independence and keep you feeling younger. Learn how to do all this in the comfort of your own home without any special equipment. This workshop includes:
  • Senior Fitness
  • Movement Safety
  • Fall Prevention & Injury Mitigation
  • Reducing or Eliminating Back and Joint Pain
  • Staying Independent and Enjoying Your Life
Athletic Teams
Looking to get the competitive edge? Learn how to integrate The One Minute Workout into your athletes' training to improve their competitive performance or to maintain fitness during off-season. Topics include:
  • Athletic Vs. Skill Improvement
  • Reducing Injury Risk
  • Recovering Quickly From Injuries
  • Eating for Your Sport
  • Off-Season Fitness Maintenance
  • Sport-specific Training Tips
Schedule a book talk from the author and let your patrons learn how to best use The One Minute Workout for their situation. This workshop covers a variety of fitness and diet topics and finishes with a Q & A session.
Staying healthy and fit begins at a young age. Your students will understand the fundamentals of staying fit and eating well. They will also learn how to think critically about new information and studies that they will inevitably encounter in the future.
Bulk-rate book copies are available with workshops. Contact us at for details.