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Just ONE Exercise,
ONE Minute a Day!
One Minute Workout FAQ
How can one minute of exercise do anything?
You'd be surprised! The key here is focusing your strength and effort into a short amount of time. Imagine lifting (or bench pressing) the heaviest thing that you can and then holding it for 1 minute straight. Pretty tiring huh? That’s enough to stimulate your muscles to grow.
What kind of results can I expect?
These exercises are designed so they can be performed by virtually anybody. The earlier exercises in each progression are easier. These will build your strength foundation by tightening up and toning your muscles. The later exercises are more difficult and will build tremendous strength.
How will I know I'm getting results?
As you rotate through the progressions, you'll find yourself able to perform each exercise a few seconds longer. This means you're getting stronger! When you are able to go up to a more difficult exercise, it also means you've gotten stronger! Over time, you may start seeing improvements in your muscle tone and shape and if you happen to stop by a gym, go see how much you can lift! You might just surprise yourself. I know I did!
How fast will I see results?
Your progress depends on many factors including how you well you eat, sleep, genetics, etc. If you do the One Minute Workout daily, on average, you can expect to start noticing strength improvements in about 1-2 weeks.
It's been a few weeks but I don't notice any improvement. What am I doing wrong?
The One Minute Workout is based on intensity and consistency. You may not be pushing yourself hard enough with respect to either the difficulty of the exercises you do, or the duration of each exercise session. Try to do the exercises for a few seconds longer each time or try a harder exercise.

Remember to do your exercises each day if possible. You can take a day or two off each week if you want but make sure you do your exercises on all of the other days!
How often should I do One Minute Workouts?
You can do them every day. If you need to take a day off here and there, that's fine too. Just don't take too many days off.
Can I do more than one exercise per day?
Of course! One minute is the minimum. The sky is the limit although you'll probably find it more difficult to do more than a few exercises with good form in the same day.
Where can I do the exercises?
Pretty much anywhere! (Okay, maybe not underwater or in space.) You won’t need any special equipment for the Basic Progressions. Just some floor space and maybe a chair or two.

For the Advanced Progressions, it will be helpful to have access to a pull-up bar. You can also try using the edge of a stable table.
When should I do the exercises?
Anytime you want. That's the beauty of the One Minute Workout. Sprinkle exercise sessions throughout the day and before you know it, you’ll start to move, feel, and look better!
Can I do an exercise for more than one minute?
Sure. This is called supercharging an exercise and you might find yourself progressing a bit faster. And there’s really no downside to doing so.
Where is the OMW Virtual Trainer mentioned in the book?
We’re rebuilding it right now to make it even better! We'll let you know as soon as it's available.
Is The One Minute Workout available as an e-book?
Yes! It's available for the Amazon Kindle. Here's The One Minute Workout Kindle page.
I already have a workout. Why should I do the One Minute Workout?
OMW builds tremendous strength and a solid kinetic chain. If any part of your kinetic chain is weak, OMW is a simple way to strengthen it so you can reap even more benefit from your workout. Just add it to your regimen and see your performance improve.
I ran out of space on my One Minute Workout Tracker sheet. Where can I get more?
You can download a copy from the downloads page.
I want to make a purchase. Are my payments safe?
We take security seriously. All transactions are protected by SSL encryption and your payment information is directly processed by Stripe, a world-class online payment processor. We don't save any of your payment information on our servers.
What's your refund policy?
We ask that you seriously do The One Minute Workout for at least 14 days to see if it is a fit for you. If it isn't, just contact us through the member help center in your account and ask for a refund within 30 days of the date of purchase.
Can I buy an OMW Premium Package for someone else as a gift?
Yes! You can buy an OMW Premium Package Upgrade gift code for anyone with an email address!

Just go to the Gifts page. Fill out the gift form, complete your purchase, and we'll send your gift electronically to the recipient's email. They'll receive an email with the upgrade gift code and instructions on how to redeem it.
Need more help?
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